TORONTO -- A Toronto community has come together to help neighbours in need by sharing food and supplies in a unique way.

A few years ago, midtown Toronto resident Catherine Chan and her family decided to place a “Little Free Library” at the edge of their property. The library was meant to allow her neighbours to share their favourite novels and teach their kids the importance of a close-knit community.

Recently, Chan had noticed that other owners of the so-called “Little Libraries” had added food and other goods to their shelves after news that COVID-19 had reached Toronto.

"I thought that would be a great idea, so at first we put it half with just food to see how people would respond to it,” Chan told CTV News Toronto.

After receiving a positive response from her neighbourhood, the family officially turned their library into a “Little Pantry.”

"We put pasta and beans and people were taking it, and there were additions here and there. Everybody was really happy about it. Then they all contributed."

One day, Chan came out to find something different had been left inside.

"Someone left behind a note saying they're a student and that what was in there was really helpful for them, and they can make it through these hard times."

Thank you note

Chan says the little pantry will remain for as long as needed—although she hopes that soon it won't be.

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