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CTV Toronto's Pat Foran appointed to the Order of Ontario


Pat Foran, the longtime Consumer Alert reporter with CTV News Toronto, is one of 25 new inductees to the Order of Ontario.

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Chancellor of the Order of Ontario, Edith Dumont, revealed the new appointees for 2023 on Monday.

To be inducted to the order, the province says a nominee should have the highest level of achievement in their field and have left a “lasting legacy” in Ontario, Canada, and around the world. Created in 1986, Ontario has recognized more than 800 people for their esteemed contributions.

“CTV’s Consumer Alert reporter has had Ontario’s back for three decades dispending financial and consumer advice,” officials wrote in a release.

“His relentless reporting on consumer fraud has helped thousands of people recover millions of dollars. This tireless advocate always gives back, determined to educate on financial matters.”

Foran has worked with charities such as Bloorview Kids Foundation, World Vision and Cystic Fibrosis Canada. He has also written four national bestselling books on financial and consumer issues, including “The Smart, Savvy, Young Consumer.”

In an interview with CP24 on Tuesday, Foran said being inducted to the Order of Ontario was a wonderful way to ring in 2024.

“I’ve been hearing from friends and family members and co-workers and viewers, and everybody has been very kind. It is quite an honour,” he said.

“I’m flattered and I’m in great company, the other members as well, they are from leaders in medicine, education, construction, research, so I congratulate them as well. I’m just proud to be in this group.”

When Consumer Alert started, Foran said they would receive only a dozen complaints per week and now, they hear hundreds – and not just from within Ontario, but also as far as the U.S. and Finland.

“I think in the beginning you wish that you could solve every problem, lean in, and then you find out that you can’t, and so we have to choose […] so you try to do the one that’s going to help the person, but also try to pick one that will educate as many people as possible,” he told CP24.

“I think we’ve been able to do that and lead to changes with things like door-to-door campaigns, car insurance, winter tires, just all these things, you know, bang for your buck kind of stories.”

Among the other appointees for 2023 is John M. Beck, who helmed construction on some of Canada’s well-known landmarks including the CN Tower, Dr. Lee Errett, the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital, and Hazelle Palmer, who fought to advance minority rights and expand health services to Toronto’s underserved populations. Top Stories

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