A former aide to Patrick Brown says he’s no longer seeking the Ontario PC nomination in a Barrie-area riding after crude comments he made on Facebook concerning oral sex with primates, animal cruelty, cocaine, sex workers and homeless people were revealed.

“I have reviewed my private Facebook account and regretfully found that these posts were inappropriate including a crude joke in 2007 and using a derogatory term in 2012 in conversation with a lifelong friend,” Shawn Bubel wrote in a statement posted to his Facebook account on Friday. “After speaking with my family I have decided not to pursue the nomination for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in the riding of Barrie-Innisfil.”

On Thursday, the Toronto Star published an article detailing posts made on Bubel’s account over the last several years.

They included a crude joke about a man assaulting a female monkey before forcing it to perform oral sex, an image of a cheerleader holding a sign with a crude word for male genitalia, and an image of a man wearing a t-shirt that said “I’d rather be snorting cocaine off a hooker’s ***.”

“I have never seen the Toronto Star do such a ‘hit piece’,” Bubel told CP24 before releasing his statement about not seeking the nomination.

“This was largely taken out of context, but I take responsibility for older posts and shares,”Bubel said.

Bubel currently works as chief of staff to Barrie-Innisfil’s Conservative MP, John Brassard, according to a consistuency assistant who works in the office.