TORONTO - The CRTC has revoked the licence of Ryerson University's campus radio station citing numerous regulatory violations and a lack of quality control.

In a press release, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says CKLN Radio Inc., could not convince regulators that it could properly operate the station going forward.

The investigation into station operations began in July 2009 after complaints about CKLN's management, operations and quality of programming.

The CRTC says "significant infighting" plagued the station and the building manager on campus eventually locked out staff and management for a period of seven months, during which intermittent loops of programming went over the airwaves.

The station could not maintain a significant quality-control mechanism once regular broadcasting resumed, the CRTC ruled, and cited limited involvement from Ryerson's student body.

The station management was not able to comply with licence requirements, including submission of on-air tapes, program logs and complete annual returns.

While the decision passed by majority vote, one CRTC commissioner, Louise Poirier, "firmly opposed" revoking CKLN's licence and said intermediate steps should have been taken before taking the station off the air.

She said the decision is "unwarranted and inequitable" and creates a precedent regarding how to deal with stations that are non-compliant.