A couple vacationing in Toronto are among thousands of airline passengers who are without their luggage after a European-wide computer problem created a system backlog.

Ingo Aigner and Anne Marie landed at Pearson International Airport last week after flying out from London's Heathrow Airport on Friday on a British Airways jet, but their luggage was nowhere to be found.

"Everybody was waiting, and then nothing. Not a single suitcase," Aigner told CTV Toronto on Monday.

British Airways says an IT issue with a third-party baggage processing system resulted in a system backlog. As a result, Aigner's  luggage was left behind in London, and his plane touched down in Toronto without a single piece of baggage onboard.

In a letter given to Aigner after he landed in Toronto, British Airways apologized to him. "Please accept my apologies that we have not been able to carry your luggage on your flight," the letter reads.

Aigner says he has tried to contact British Airways for more information on when he will be reunited with his luggage, but so far, he says he’s received little information.

Other travellers who are in a similar situation have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration, many of them wondering when their luggage will be returned.

British Airways has not confirmed if they know where the bags are located, or if they are in London. The airline says it is working around the clock to fix the issue, but warns it may take some time before bags are returned to passengers.

Meanwhile, Aigner and his partner say their cross-Canada trip has been put on hold as they wait for their luggage. They said they've been forced to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes and medication.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Collin D’Mello