A Toronto city councillor says that fares and taxes associated with taking a high-speed train to the airport will discourage ridership.

In an open letter to the city, Ward 22 Councillor Josh Matlow said the cost barely competes with taxis and limousines, and will likely deter users.

The train, which was spotted in a railyard near Keele Street and Highway 407 from the CTV Toronto helicopter, is expected to carry passengers from Union Station to Pearson International Airport starting in the spring.

Metrolinx hasn't officially announced the ticket price of a ride from downtown to the airport, but reports suggest passengers will pay between $20 and $30 each way. The fare will also include a $1.85 tax to compensate the airport for lost parking costs.

Though an individual may save some money by taking the train, compared to taking a taxi or parking at the airport, Matlow wrote that the fare is not significantly lower.

"Common sense would dictate that if a resident living anywhere other than downtown (within close proximity to Union Station) can get picked up from their house and taken to the airport for about $50-60, they may opt to spend the extra money to avoid the additional time as the cost differential is not that substantial."

Matlow suggested a lower fare and scrapping the tax to make the train more accessible to residents of Toronto.

For families, Matlow added, the cost would actually be higher than taking a taxi from home. If each person has to pay a $20 fare, a family of four would pay more to take the train than for a $60 cab fare.

The rail link is being built at a cost of $456 million and is expected to be completed in time for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.