A community safety meeting was held in North York’s Bridle Path area to address about 160 break-and-enters that led to millions of dollars’ worth of valuables stolen since the beginning of the year.

Several community groups, residents of the area and police officers were in attendance of the Monday night meeting.

The rash of break-and-enters took place in the area surrounded by Highway 401, Leslie Street, Lawrence Avenue, and Bayview Avenue.

Ahead of the meeting, spokesperson for the York Mills Gardens Community Association Alex Greco told CTV News Toronto that community members need to come together in an effort to prevent these thefts.

“I think there are a lot of savvy burglars in our neighbourhood and they have found a way – probably watching when people are leaving, coming and going and they pick the right time,” he said.

Greco said neighbours should be talking to each other about seeing anything suspicious nearby.

“If they see suspicious activity then the police can get a heads up, other residents can get a heads up and then from there we can address the problem before it’s too late.”

Toronto police superintendent Robert Johnson told CTV News Toronto after the meeting that officers and community members must work together to prevent these crimes.

“What we learned tonight is that there was some concern in this neighbourhood with the police response and crime prevention,” Johnson said. “I had mentioned that we are actively seeking partnerships in this community to work together and solve these issues and have folks be proactive in their own ways to prevent some of these crimes.”

“Somebody brought up a great point tonight that suggests that we form a neighbourhood group that works with the police to find a solution to some residential break-and-enters. It’s a step forward.”

Speaking with CTV News Toronto back in October, Det. Const. Janna Senyk said suspects are entering these homes on the second floor as that's where homes are most likely not equipped with alarms.

She added that one of the targeted homes on the Bridle Path was gated but the suspects were able to gain entry on the second floor by possibly using a ladder. In this alleged incident, officers said the thieves were able to take about $100,000 in valuables.

No suspect descriptions have been released in connection with any of these alleged incidents.