They are seven letters, standing seven-feet-tall - and many CityPlace residents say they’re not big on the branding and are calling on a condo developer to lose the logo it erected in their neighbourhood.

“It’s kind of an eyesore,” said one community member.

“Too big, it’s taking up too much space,” said another.

The head of the residents’ association says the giant “CONCORD” sign at the corner of Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard—which spells out the name of the property’s condo developer—is simply too commercial for the community.

“It’s a huge logo,” Gary Pieters told CTV News Toronto. “It’s a private developer’s big logo. It has no benefit to the community.”

The residents’ group is calling on Concord Adex to take down the letters, which were installed last week, alleging the sign gives the appearance that the neighbourhood is named after the developer.

“What it does is stifle the identity of CityPlace,” Pieters said.

But the city says the sign is perfectly legal, registered under permit 19-157681. There had been some initial confusion by municipal officials as to whether the sign had been approved, but the bylaw unit inspected it and confirmed it was to code.

Concord Adex told CTV News Toronto Tuesday that it was willing to work with the community to find a compromise, including possibly incorporating the name “CityPlace.”

“We will continue to have a dialogue with everyone,” Gabriel Leung, vice president of development, said.

“This neighbourhood is called CityPlace,” said Pieters. “It’s not called Concord.”