The giant chrome statue of Charity the cow will be sent to greener pastures.

The City of Markham decided to move the statue in Cathedraltown on Monday after many nearby residents called the more than 25 foot statue an “eyesore.”

The decision to move the statue came at city council where several residents attended to push for its removal. The donor of the statue however, said Charity Crescent, where the statue is located, is the only spot to place the statue.

“If people were to see what some of the houses have to live with, I think they would have a different tone,” said resident Daniel Da Silva.

Some residents can’t avoid the statue even in their homes, with a handful of residents able to see the statue from their window.

Since its installation in July, the larger-than-life statue has attracted its own following with people flocking to take pictures with Charity. Da Silva, said the statue has created  “a bit of a circus” especially on weekends.  He said there are a lot of cars parked illegally and on the street when people from all over the city come to check out the chrome cow. 

The statue is made in the likeness of a nine-time champion show cow.

The statue was approved by Cathedraltown’s city council in June of last year after it was donated by developer Helen Roman-Barber, whose family has deep ties in the town. The area was chosen because it was meant to pay tribute to the history of the site that housed a portion of Romandale Farm.

But residents say they were never consulted about the installation of the statue in the first place and now have beef with the statues location.

After more than three hours of discussion Markham’s development services committee agreed that the cow should go.

Amid talks, Mayor Frank Scarpitti said he thinks the statue should stay put.

“I don't dismiss there is some impact to the people that live there but quite honestly anything we could have put there would have had as much or maybe worse impact on the people that live there,” he said.

Council has yet to decide where the statue will end up, but agree to move it by the end of the year.

-With files from Scott Lightfoot