Cheering at Aurora, Ont. soccer fields this week has been muted after the town's youth soccer club introduced a "week of silence" to remind parents, coaches and spectators the goal of the game is to let kids have fun.

The Aurora Youth Soccer Club implemented the week of silence after learning from other soccer associations the idea was popular with the players.

"The kids overwhelmingly said the game was more fun; they liked playing and not being yelled at," says a statement on the league's website.

However, some parents were finding it difficult to muffle their exuberance.

"Parents admitted to having a difficult time initially remembering the silent part," the statement said.

On Monday, the idea was put into practice and only clapping was allowed.

Coaches were also barred from yelling, and were instructed to only give coaching instruction pre and post-game, at halftime and to players on the sidelines before and after substitutions.

Coaches were also told they should only address referees to request player substitutions.

The week of silence applies to both boys and girls age seven to 18 and runs until Friday.