TORONTO - A bail hearing for a group of people that police say include alleged ringleaders of the G20 protests will continue into Wednesday.

At least 15 people have been identified as part of a police investigation into activities of people planning violent G20 action, defence lawyers have said.

Four alleged anarchists accused of having organizing roles are among those seeking bail, but any evidence entered at their hearings is under a publication ban.

Leah Henderson, Amanda Hiscocks, Peter Hopperton and Alex Hundert are alleged to be members of the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance.

They were arrested before police cars were set aflame and storefronts vandalized during a G20 protest on June 26.

The mass bail hearing listed 19 names on the court docket, including those four.

Another person on the list, Stutz Sterling, was released on bail Tuesday on the condition she have no contact with the co-accused, and no possession of communication devices unless under supervision of her parents.

Sterling was also placed under house arrest. She left the court with her family and did not comment.

Another person on the docket, Erik Lankin, was denied bail.

More than 1,000 people were detained in the aftermath of the G20 violence.

While the vast majority of those detained were released without charge within 24 hours, about 250 people still face charges, according to the Movement Defence Committee.

The Crown has said they are dealing with an "avalanche of information" based on a wide-scale police investigation into so-called Black Bloc tactics dating back to April 2009.

Anarchists employing the tactic infiltrate large peaceful demonstrations wearing normal street clothing. They then change into black clothing and cover their faces with balaclavas or ski masks before fanning out and destroying symbols of capitalism.