Police have arrested two men and are searching for two others in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old at a pizza place on Weston Road.

Jarryl Hagley was eating pizza with friends at a fast-food restaurant near Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue in the early morning hours of Oct. 16 when two gunmen walked into the restaurant and opened fire.

When the gunfire rang out, Hagley fled to the washroom but sustained fatal gunshot wounds which caused him to collapse shortly after.

The teen was rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition but was later pronounced dead.

Earlier on in the investigation, in an effort to identify suspects, Toronto police released surveillance camera footage that showed three suspects donning dark clothing and carrying two weapons -- a sawed-off shotgun and a handgun.

The footage showed a suspected getaway vehicle pulling into a nearby parking lot where three suspects got out. The suspects can then be seeing heading east on Weston Road toward the pizza place.

The remaining footage released by police shows the suspects running away from the scene, shortly after the time of the shooting, heading west on Weston Road.

Investigators previously said they believed two people went into the shop and opened fire while a third person stood watch.

Though police initially said the four people sitting with Hagley at the time were known to police and may have been the intended targets of the shooting, Worden suggested Thursday that that may not be the case.

“We are going to allege a motive in this attack that goes hand-in-hand with the charge of first-degree,” Toronto Police Det. Paul Worden told reporters at a news conference Thursday afternoon. “We’re alleging that this was an act that was planned and deliberate.”

He said the surveillance footage collected by investigators and tips from the public were “a big part” in identifying and apprehending the suspects.

Worden did not outright confirm whether the incident is gang related.

“It’s an angle we looked in through the course of the investigation and that may come up as evidence in the court proceedings, we’re not sure at this time yet,” he said.

“The area and the history of the area are that there is gang activity in the area. It may come out that there was some element of gang activity that related to these two groups but not necessarily specifically in regards to this incident.”

Following the execution of a search warrant, 24-year-old Winston Poyser and 23-year-old Shakiyl Shaw, both of Toronto, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

They are scheduled to make an appearance in court sometime today.

Police have also issued a Canada-wide warrant for two outstanding suspects.

Toronto-residents Lenneil Shaw, 23 and Mohamed Ali Nur, 18, are wanted for first-degree murder in connection Hagley’s death.

Worden said the remaining suspects are expected to turn themselves in “sooner than later.”

“In the last couple hours we’ve received information that the defense council has reached out to our office and efforts are being made for the two outstanding parties to turn themselves in,” he said.

“I am hopeful that they will turn themselves in. They reached out to us in good faith, so I do believe they will. But until that’s done, do not approach them. Firearms were used in this incident so we want everyone to use caution and contact police or 9-1-1.”

Victim’s mother says pain only worse

Delma Hagley , the victim’s mother, told CP24 that the pain of losing her son has only gotten worse.

She said her son would have celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday. A memorial continues to grow outside the pizza place where 17-year-old Hagley was fatally shot.

“Up to this point, I still can’t really comprehend that my son really isn’t here,” she told CP24 from outside the restaurant.

“I still listen to see if he would knock on the door or give me a hug or give me a kiss, or call out my name or say ‘mommy.’ As the days progress, it’s still hard to comprehend.”

Delma said she doesn’t believe her son knew the gunmen but that the friends Hagley was with that night did.

“If they consider him as friends, why are they not saying anything? That’s my question. They’re still not saying anything,” she said of her son’s friends. “I’m wondering why they’re not saying anything.”

She went on to urge the remaining two suspects to turn themselves in.

“I know they cannot bring my son back to life,” she said. “Although he is dead, I want justice for him. I want these men off the streets. You never know what could happen again.”