An Air Canada passenger jet came under laser attack this morning on approach to Pearson Airport.

Pilots of Flight 754, on final approach and just above the intersections of Highways 400 and 401, reported the incident at 5:57 a.m. Wednesday.

"Zero Five Zero, this is Air Canada Seven Five Four -- We've just taken two green laser hits," the pilot said, according to a recording made of an exchange between the aircraft and air traffic controllers.

The Air Canada Airbus 320, with a capacity of 230 passengers plus five or six crew members,  was arriving from San Fran Francisco.

About 30 seconds after the first message, the pilots reported another three flashes.

They made a safe landing then called Peel Regional Police.

This is estimated to be the sixth such incident in Toronto in the past year. About a dozen have occurred in Ontario, and more than 30 across Canada, CTV Toronto reported.

CTV Toronto reported that the York Regional Police helicopter has even been targeted on occasion.

The types of lasers used can vary, but one can hit a plane with the type of laser pointer used in business presentations.

Attempting to interfere with an aircraft or any moving vehicle in this way constitutes a criminal offence.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin