TORONTO -- Toronto’s Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance after an 800-pound photo radar speed camera was stolen in the city’s Parkdale neighbourhood earlier this month

According to investigators, the city-owned camera was installed near Jameson Avenue and Queen Street and was taken sometime between June 10 and June 12.

The device weighs about 800 pounds and typically requires a hydraulic lift to move, police said.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact investigators or reach out to Crime Stoppers anonymously.

Mayor John Tory announced last week that the speed cameras will now automatically ticket drivers.

The tickets will be for fines ranging from $5 per KPH for those going 1-19 KPH over the speed limit; $7.50 per KPH for those going 20-29 KPH over the speed limit; and $12 per KPH for those going 30-49 KPH over the speed limit.

That means that someone going 49 kilometres per hour over the speed limit would be automatically sent a ticket for $588 plus another $130 for a victim surcharge and court costs.