After 37 years in the cockpit, Air Canada’s first female pilot is calling it a career.

Judy Cameron, an airline pilot with Air Canada, marked her final flight before retirement in Toronto on Sunday. Cameron was hired by the airline back in 1978, when she was 24 years old.

Cameron’s breakthrough as Air Canada’s first female pilot made headlines at the time. 

On Sunday, Cameron touched down at Pearson Airport to a final salute, after a flight from Munich. Crews sprayed the Boeing 777 with a "water cannon salute" as the aircraft taxied to the gate.

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster, I’m going to really miss my career," Cameron said after touching down in Toronto. “I enjoyed it immensely for 37 years. Today was overwhelming.”

Old friends met Cameron at the airport to congratulate her on her remarkable career.

“Judy handled herself incredibly well over the years. She’s got an awful lot to be proud of,” said Capt. Al Mostowich, a longtime friend and fellow pilot. 

Cameron says that she would like to see more female pilots in the coming years, as right now women only represent about 5 per cent of the industry. 

“Just pursue your dream, don’t let anybody laugh at you or dissuade you,” Cameron says about females heading into the industry.