A loaded transport truck heading eastbound toward Curtis Road on Highway 401 crashed early Friday morning.

The accident, which was caught on video by Greg Manchester, ended when the semitrailer collided into a sound wall near the exit by Port Hope.

Manchester called the Northumberland OPP just after 4 a.m. to report the swerving vehicle.

"During this time, this driver just about hit the centre barrier. He went from the right lane, right across the centre lane, almost took out the centre barrier. At that time, I just stopped the video, phoned the OPP and reported him," Manchester told CTV Toronto.

Manchester stayed on the phone with the OPP, following the erratic truck for another 50 kilometres before the vehicle crashed.

The passenger side of the rig's trailer was ripped open, spilling its load of paint onto the highway.

No injuries have been reported.

The driver was arrested on suspicions of being impaired by drugs.

Manchester, who is also a trucker, said he is disgusted by the accident and thinks there should be stricter standards for truck drivers.

The eastbound off-ramp from County Road 28 was closed while crews remove the tractor trailer.