A Kingston man has been arrested after seniors were robbed by a fake police officer in the Regent Park area.

Police say a man presented himself as a police officer to at least 14 seniors and requested to see their identification. When the victims handed over their wallets, the fake officer fled.

In the latest incident Monday afternoon, the suspect trailed an 83-year-old man into the lobby of a condominium building near King and Jarvis Streets.

The suspect identified himself as an undercover police officer and proceeded to go through the victim's pockets until he found his wallet.

According to police, a suspect was arrested with the public's help after surveillance footage was released on Wednesday, prompting additional victims to come forward.

So far only 14 victims have been identified, but police say there may be more.

Adrian McQuade, 62, faces 28 charges, including 14 counts of impersonating a police officer.

McQuade was scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.