A ban on cellphones is being considered for a Catholic school board in the London area.

Under the proposed ban, students would have to keep their phones turned off and out of sight except for in an emergency.

Even school staff and visitors would have to comply with the ban which would see iPods and Blackberries shut down as well.

The proposal also calls for the close monitoring of online postings on social networking websites such as Facebook.

It is hoped the new policy would help put a stop to cyber-bullying and distractions in the classroom.

Students who don't comply with the rules could face detention, suspension or even expulsion.

The move comes after several school boards in the GTA implemented a similar ban.

In April, the Toronto District School Board voted overwhelmingly to ban cellphone use during school hours. Back in February, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board became the first local board to ban the devices.