TORONTO -- The bloom of Toronto’s famous cherry blossoms can now be viewed from the comfort of your home amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A new 24-hour camera, dubbed the “BloomCam,” has been positioned by city officials in front of a couple of trees at High Park. 

The park is scheduled to close Thursday in order to keep people at home during the COVID-19 crisis. 

"We made the difficult decision to close the entire park because it is the only way we can keep people from gathering to see the blossoms and risking further spread of COVID-19,” Mayor John Tory said Wednesday. “This is about protecting public health and saving lives.”

With the peak bloom period for the trees about to begin, Toronto residents will be able to enjoy it virtually.

The City of Toronto said the camera will allow people to watch the progress of the cherry tree grove as they blossom until the bloom period ends. 

The city is also promising live events and videos featuring virtual walks through the blossoming trees. 

“High Park Nature Centre will guide viewers through nature and history walks focused on Toronto's cherry blossom trees,” the city said. 

All of the content can be viewed on the city’s website.

The peak bloom period normally starts in late April to early May. The blossoms typically last between four and 10 days, the city said. 

Every year, thousands of people visit High Park to view the cherry blossom trees in bloom. 

The city has warned that people involved in violations related to accessing a closed park in Toronto can face a fine of up to $5,000.

The city said the cherry blossom area at Trinity Bellwoods Park is now also closed off by fencing. 

“If required, city enforcement officials and Toronto Police Services may patrol other smaller sites of cherry blossoms in Toronto,” the city said.