Premier Kathleen Wynne says that the province remains willing to provide whatever “extra resources” may be needed by Toronto police in the wake of Monday’s deadly van attack, though she says that no formal request has been made.

Concerns have been raised in some corners about the increased drain on police resources amid high-profile and resource-heavy investigations into both Monday’s van attack and accused serial killer Bruce McArthur, but Wynne told reporters on Wednesday that police have not reached out to the province to ask for help at this point.

She said that the province does remain willing to assist in any way that it can, though.

“As I have said, whatever is needed we will provide,” she said. “At this point there have not been extra resources requested but we are right there and because the level of communication between he municipal police service and the federal and provincial government has been so seamless I have every confidence that if there is a need, the resources will be there.”

Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters on Tuesday afternoon that many offices were put on 12 hour shifts in the wake of Monday’s attack.

He said that officers from Peel Regional Police and York Regional Police were also brought in to assist Toronto police with processing evidence on Yonge Street.

Despite the challenges of such a large-scale investigation, Saunders said that he is “very comfortable” with where the Toronto Police Services stands in terms of the resources they have at their disposal.

“Everybody steps up to the plate in time of need,” he said.