York Regional Police Const. Garrett Styles managed to direct officers to his location during a radio conversation with police dispatch, after he became pinned beneath a van during a traffic stop early Tuesday morning.

Below is a transcript of that conversation.

Discretion is advised due to content some readers may find disturbing.

Dispatcher: 12-26, everything 10-4 there?

Const. Styles: 10-33, right now, 10-33.

Dispatcher: All units, Hwy. 48, Herald Rd.

Dispatcher: All units, make your way, Hwy. 48, Herald Rd., code 100, 10-33.

Policeman #1: 12-35 I'm en route.

Policeman #2: En route.

Const. Styles: I gotta car on top of me, help!

Const. Styles: Help me.

Dispatcher: Help is coming.

Const. Styles: Thank you.

Policeman #2: Dispatch, he said he has a car on top of him.

Dispatcher: Car on top of him, 10-4, I've got an ambulance on the way.

Const. Styles: I don't have any [inaudible].

Dispatcher: 10-4, we've got help on the way, just sit tight.

Dispatcher: Units, 10-4, en route.

Const. Styles: We might have some other people injured here, too. I dunno.

Dispatcher: Yuh, 10-4, we've got help on the way. Ambulance and fire are coming.

Policeman #2: Garrett, keep talking to us.

Dispatcher: Just keep talking to us, tell us what's going on.

Const. Styles: I got a van on my waist. Ahh, I don't know. It hurts. And, uh, I got these people inside the van. I don't know how they are doing.

Dispatcher: 10-4, were you, uh, standing outside your vehicle when they hit you?

Const. Styles: No, it's a long story, it's uh, just get somebody to get this thing off of me please.

Dispatcher: Yeah, 10-4 man, we're on the way.

Policeman #2: Start a tow out there ASAP.

Dispatcher: We're on it right now, tow is on the way.

Dispatcher: Just keep talking to us.

Const. Styles: 10-4.

Dispatcher: Man, I know it's hard 'n you're having a hard time breathing, just keep talking to us.

Const. Styles: I'm trying, I'm trying.

Dispatcher: I know man, we're getting close, 12-15 is almost there.

Dispatcher: It's less than five minutes out.

Dispatcher: Buddy's on the way to you man. Just keep talking to us when you can.

Policeman #2: Do we need an escort for the tow?

Dispatcher: Just everybody head there, the tow can get there on their own. Garrett, talk to me, okay?

Const. Styles: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Dispatcher: I know man, don't worry about the other people right now, we're just worrying about you, okay?

Const. Styles: 10-4, I'm able to move, like, it just hurts, and I just, get this thing off me.

Dispatcher: Okay man, you can move your legs?

Const. Styles: 10-4, everything's moving, everything's moving.

Dispatcher: Okay great. Are you bleeding, do you know?

Const. Styles: I don't know.

Dispatcher: Okay man. Were you unconscious at all?

Const. Styles: I don't know.

Dispatcher: Okay, they're getting close.

Policeman #1: Roads are very slick, watch it guys.

Dispatcher: Okay guys, just be careful, the roads are slick.

Policeman #1: Control 35, myself and 12-15 are taking Herald. All be advised, other units take other avenues.

Dispatcher: 10-4, I've got the units coming across Davis. Garrett, is anybody else pulled over there or is it just you and the van.

Const. Styles: [breathing heavily] There's people here.

Dispatcher: Okay, 10-4, and the vehicle can't be moved?

Const. Styles: No, I'm underneath it. I'm underneath it.

Dispatcher: Okay, tow and everybody's on the way.

Dispatcher: They're really close, man.

Dispatcher: They're crossing Kennedy already.

Dispatcher: How you doing, Garrett?

Const. Styles: [breathing heavily] I don't know.

Dispatcher: Approaching McCowan, they're really close.

Const. Styles: [breathing heavily] 10-4.

[Sirens, inaudible static]

Dispatcher: 798, 10-4.

Const. Styles: [inaudible]

Dispatcher: What's that, Garrett?

Dispatcher: EMS is on scene, guys, it says EMS is on scene.

Dispatcher: Herald Road and 48. Herald and 48. Just south of Herald on 48.

Unknown: 10-4

Dispatcher: Are you with him now?

Dispatcher: [inaudible] 11-25 we are almost at 48 on Davis, Garrett.

Const. Styles: [breathing heavily] Thank you.