The City of Toronto sent off crews Saturday morning to help Winnipeg recover after a major snowstorm blew through the city earlier this month.

Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters this weekend that more than 25 urban forestry staff members left to Winnipeg to help with the damage cleanup. 

“If some part of Canada is hurting then that means Toronto is hurting,” he said at a news conference. “Our country is built on the value of helping each other out.”

The City of Winnipeg declared a state of emergency after the record-breaking storm caused mass power outages and damage to more than 30,000 trees.

More than 25 urban forestry staff members left to Winnipeg on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2019 to help with the damage cleanup after a major snowstorm. (John Tory/Twitter)

After the storm hit, Tory said he texted Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman to express concern, and also asked if Toronto could be of any help. 

The two cities agreed to send out staff and equipment from Toronto to help with the ongoing clean-up efforts. A total of 13 vehicles will be travelling to Winnipeg. 

“I love Winnipeg,” Tory said. “It’s at the very centre of Canada; it’s a hardy, entrepreneurial city full of good people.”

Tory said he’s hoping the act will help people better understand Toronto. 

“It’s an important statement about us as a country, and about us as a city,” he said. “Often times we are portrayed as this big bad city … and that’s not true. We are loving Canadians.”

A press release by the City of Toronto said that the cost of the emergency assistance will be covered by the City of Winnipeg.

The crews are expected to return to Toronto on Nov. 8.