A Toronto homeowner's security camera video of a "real-life Grinch" has gone viral after the woman allegedly stole her Christmas wreath from her front door over the weekend.

Sabrina Magyar posted security camera video to Facebook on Saturday, saying the woman in the video stole her wreath at approximately 3 a.m. The video had been shared more than 1,200 times by Monday morning. The video has been viewed 64,000 times

Magyar said the video was captured at her home on Macpherson Avenue, in the area of Avenue Road and Dupont Street.

The video shows a woman in a black jacket and toque walking up to the door of the red-brick home. She removes the wreath and then walks away, her path hidden by a wall of the home.

"It's very disappointing to think there is someone in our neighbourhood stealing Christmas decorations off people's houses," Magyar told CTVNews.ca on Monday.

Magyar posted a second video over the weekend showing a person who appears to be the same woman. She said the video shows the woman leaving her property.

The woman can be seen picking up a second wreath, leaning against a fence, then walking out of frame.

Magyar said she believes the second wreath was "likely acquired from someone else in the neighbourhood."

She said the family moved in over the summer, and this is their first Christmas in the neighbourhood.

"This is such a happy time of year and for this individual to do such a thing made me feel so upset. It's the principle behind it."

While she's frustrated by the theft, Magyar said there is a silver lining.

"Several people I didn't even know have been sending me messages... It's nice to see the community coming together and sharing my story."

Magyar said she's planning to replace the wreath, as she's doubtful the "real life Grinch" will return it, as the fictional Grinch does in the Dr. Seuss tale.

"Now, that would be a Christmas miracle," she said.

Toronto police are investigating the incident.