Family, friends and perfect strangers all attended a wedding at Dufferin Grove Park on Sunday afternoon.

Mark Marczyk and Marichka Kudriavtseva say they wanted to have their wedding in a public space because that is how they used to be performed.

“We just wanted to invite the enjoy community to be a part of it, that’s the way wedding are traditionally done. It wasn’t in a hall or a private castle or anything. They were done in the streets,” Marczyk says at the wedding this afternoon.

The couple exchanged their vows in front of hundreds of people, sealing their union with a first kiss.

The wedding featured folk traditions from eastern European villages. The couple met and fell in love during the Euromaidan protests in Kiev, Ukraine. 

The couple says that they “fell in love in a cloud of tear gas, screaming and crying” while in Ukraine. 

The newlyweds say they bonded over their love of music, which they wanted to share with the public on their wedding day.

The wedding was complete with entertainers, artists and even included a full marching band.