A St. Catharines family says they made a disturbing discovery after dinner on Saturday night.

The family was about to enjoy dessert, when Patrick O’Neill said his sister-in-law found drugs in her ice cream.

“Next thing you know she was like, ‘Oh my god, what's in my mouth?’ Boom. She put it on her plate. And next thing you know another one, another one. We ended up with eight of these 400-miligram Advil pills on the plate,” O’Neill said.

They took photos of the gel capsules, which they said they found in a sealed tub of Iceberg French Vanilla ice cream.

“It had a seal on the inside the plastic seal and on the outside you had to pull the plastic thing to loosen it up to get the lid off,” O’Neill said.

Niagara police ended up seizing the pills along with the ice cream container and have started an investigation into how this could have happened.

The front of the container contained the numbers 16279 08:55 and the UPC Code on the side of the container contained the numbers 7 7427611724 2, according to Niagara Regional Police.

The ice cream was either purchased from a Food Basics Store, located at 275 Geneva Street, or a Freshco Store, located at 286 Bunting Road.

Detectives have also notified the manufacturer, police said.