Canadian electronic dance music artist Joel Thomas Zimmerman -- better known by his stage name Deadmau5 -- stopped by Rob Ford's office at city hall Monday afternoon to discuss the mayor's upcoming appearance on his YouTube show "Coffee Run."

In the online show, a celebrity guest is picked up by Zimmerman in his famous baby blue Ferrari -- nicknamed the "Purrari" because of a picture of a cat meme on the side of the sports car. Zimmerman and his guest then drive around in the Purrari, before going for a cup of coffee. Previous guests on the Toronto DJ's show include actor Tom Green, singer-songwriter Pharrell and comedian Russell Peters.

Zimmerman was at city hall for approximately 30 minutes on Monday. When asked about his visit, the DJ said that they were "just hanging out."

Ford later tweeted Zimmerman, thanking him for stopping by. The DJ tweeted back, saying that he looks forward to their coffee date.

The idea of Ford appearing on Zimmerman’s show started in April when the musician tweeted at Ford, inviting him to participate. A date for Ford’s appearance has not been set.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson