A retired Toronto Transit Commission worker filmed a video rant blasting his employer on a disappointing last day after 31 years of service.

Rob Mitchell came in to work expecting a party, a cake, a smile. Instead, he found an empty staff room. He took out his cellphone and filmed the empty room, which he later posted on YouTube.

"After 31 years at TTC, this is my retirement party," Mitchell says, as his camera pans over the room. "This is my last day on the job, and there's not a soul here."

"Management don't give a crap about you, the union don't give a crap about you," Mitchell says in the video.

Since it was posted on Jan. 4, the 3.5-minute-long video has received more than 5,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Most commenters were supportive. One person posted, "I think it's appalling you dedicated your career to them and that this was your experience."

Another wrote, "Thank you for all your hard work."

But others felt Mitchell was being too sensitive: "He's crying about a party like a 12-year-old," one man wrote. "You get pension more then my salary, stop complaining (sic)," another posted.

After posting the clip, Mitchell wrote in the comments section: "I was always ready to do my job and help others in need. To finish my career that way broke my heart and made me very bitter. Everything I have today is because of the TTC."

He said the video is only about his last day, not his general experience with the company. He also said he received a heartfelt apology from his former superintendent.

"Thank you for all the TTC and Local 113 has done for me and my family," he wrote.