Peel Regional Police have issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for a man wanted in a deadly gas-and-dash incident in Mississauga last year, saying he may be hiding out in Edmonton.

Abdullahi Mohamoud, 22, failed to attend a recently scheduled Ontario court date related to the May 19, 2011 incident in which a Brampton gas station attendant was struck and killed.

Police allege a man driving a gold-coloured car was seen covering up his license plate, then pumping gas at the station before attempting to flee without paying. A 62-year-old employee attempted to confront the driver, but was struck and then dragged by the vehicle.

Hashem Atifeh Rad died in hospital the next day.

Mohamoud was arrested on Oct. 16 and charged in relation to the incident. He was released on bail, then later re-arrested on an outstanding warrant from Alberta, sent back to Edmonton to face charges there in connection with an alleged gang rape.

Mohamoud subsequently failed to appear for a Brampton court date last August, prompting issuance of a bench warrant. A Canada-wide warrant was then authorized by a Brampton court yesterday.

Edmonton Police said in a statement that Mohamoud is still accused of sexual assault in that city. Additionally, he is still facing charges of criminal negligence causing death, failure to remain at an accident, driving while suspended, and failure to attend court, stemming from the Brampton gas-and-dash incident.

Anyone with information about Mohamoud's whereabouts is asked to call Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).