Police have confirmed the identity of the second body found at the site of a home explosion in Mississauga earlier this week.

In a news release issued Friday evening, police said that the body of 55-year-old Robert Nadler was found near 4201 Hickory Drive after a massive explosion levelled the home and sent debris flying across the neighbourhood.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined.

Yesterday, the body of a woman found in the rubble was identified as that of Dianne Page.

Earlier on Thursday, Peel Regional Police identified Dianne Page and Robert Nadler as the two names associated with the home where the explosion occurred.

Though police refused to comment on reports that Nadler was convicted of murder in the city of Mississauga sometime in the 1980s, police sources confirmed that detail to CTV News on Thursday.

Police Chief Jennifer Evans told reporters on Wednesday that investigators were looking into hand-written notes found nearby the blast site that appear to be written by someone in distress.

Evans said it was too early to tell if they are connected to the incident.

“Because the blast site is so large and there are multiple homes that were damaged, it is an extensive process to try to match up hand-writing analysis so they are working on trying to associate those documents with an address,” Colley said about the notes.

Dozens of residents were evacuated from the neighbourhood after the blast rocked the area on Tuesday. As of Thursday evening, 46 addresses remained part of the investigation zone, City of Mississauga officials said.

A community information centre was opened at the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre in an effort to assist residents impacted by the explosion.

Paul Camilleri, the nephew of Dianne Page, told CTV Toronto his family is devastated by the news of her passing.

“She was honestly a really, really good person. She was always kind hearted, respectful, always helped other people. She was just a lovely person and unfortunately this happened,” Camilleri said.

“My family told me she had passed away. I was devastated. My dad is really stressed out emotionally.”

Police said the investigation will continue through the weekend.