TORONTO -- With fitness clubs closed due to COVID-19 many people are investing in workout equipment for their home and if you want one of the most popular connected fitness bikes you could be waiting months to get it.

“It's an expensive item and my biggest frustration is they are not communicating with me,” Elizabeth Staples of Grimsby, Ont. said.

Staples has been trying to stay healthy and keep in shape during the pandemic and while she uses an elliptical, in October she purchased a Peloton bike, which cost her almost $3,000.

She was told the bike would be delivered in December, but when the delivery date came the bike wasn't available. Staples was then told it would be delivered in February unless there is another delay. 

"They are promoting the sale of the bikes, but not letting people know about the expected delivery date delays and what customers can expect after paying for such a big ticket item,” Staples said.

It's not just Peloton bikes, sales of ellipticals, treadmills, free weights and other exercise equipment are in high demand as more people create home gyms.

Peloton has seen a massive increase in sales and has become a billion dollars business with almost four million clients who pay a monthly subscription fee to workout with trainers or celebrities. 

CTV News Toronto reached out to Peloton to ask about the delays in shipping bikes to its customers.

"The unexpected rise in demand for our products has led to increases in delivery times,” a Peloton spokesperson said. "Our goal is to continue to scale production and be able to deliver bikes to as many people as possible.”"

Staples said she wanted others to know if they order a Peloton bike they may not receive it for three to four months. 

"It's not fair. I want others to know because you don't know about the delays until you give them your money," Staples said.

Peloton has just purchased the fitness company Precor to help it manufacturer the exercise bikes. It's planning to build them in the U.S. by the end of the year to be closer to American and Canadian customers.