The Ontario Provincial Police will conduct a special probe into an alleged case of police brutality in which Hamilton officers beat up a 58-year-old refugee inside his apartment.

The announcement comes after Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire that an external police force would be tasked with investigating the incident.

Victim Po La Hay, who is a Karen refugee from Burma, suffered cuts and bruises to his face, along with a broken rib, after officers arrived on his door on May 4 looking for an alleged coke dealer.

Police said that the suspect lived in the same apartment building as Hay.

"You are already aware that officers completed a search warrant entry and that entry turned out to be into the wrong apartment of an address here in Hamilton," De Caire said in a statement.

Not long after police came into the home, Hay was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

De Caire has said any further police comment is pending the results of the investigation.

"I am unable to address the issue of what took place within the apartment at this time as this is the subject of investigation and when that investigation is complete, I will be in a position to report on the findings."

De Caire said that as soon as his officers realized their mistake, they attempted to help Hay get to the hospital.

The chief has also offered his personal apologies.

"I offered my apology and a commitment to meet with Mr. Hay, at a time and place, where he was comfortable," De Caire said in a police statement.

"My commitment to meet with him in person and to apologize directly has never changed however the meeting has not taken place, again respecting his wishes."

He added that the Special Investigations Unit was not called in for the case. The SIU invokes its mandate in cases where police are involved in serious injury or death.