TORONTO -- Eyelash extensions are a booming business but with many lash salons closed or operating at half capacity due to COVID-19, some people are finding lash technicians to come to their home to perform the service.

Toronto resident Lola Kerecki has used different types of eyelash extensions and has also had the procedure where an eye lash technician applies extensions by gluing them to your existing eyelash.

When she couldn't go to her regular lash salon, she found someone on social media who came to her home to apply them.

“Near the end at some point, I’m laying there and I feel the glue drop in my eye" said Kerecki. “My eyes were glued shut so she had to pry my eyes open.”

Kerecki said she became concerned when her eye became swollen and infected.

“I went to a clinic and the doctor said there is glue on your eye and I was horrified," said Kerecki, adding that she was told the glue was about three millimetres from her pupil and she may have to have laser surgery.

According to Mississauga Optometrist Dr. Joe Chan, there is a certain amount of risk when having eyelash extensions applied with glue.

Chan said using glue on the eyelid can cause eyelash damage, allergic reactions and infections and if glue does come in contact with the eye it can be far more serious, including blurred vision or blindness.

“Hopefully it would heal, but there is always a chance it could leave a permanent scar and could impair your vision" Chan said.

After treatment, Kerecki is grateful she shouldn't have long term damage, but remains concerned about the lack of regulation and licensing for eyelash technicians and fears someone could get hurt.

“This is scary. Anyone could just go on YouTube and try doing this procedure and could really harm someone,” Kerecki.

With Halloween approaching there is also concern about novelty contact lenses that can change the colour of your eyes or give you a ghoulish look.

The lenses, which can sometimes be purchased in costume stores or online, may not be safe and could scratch your eyes and lead to serious eye problems.