TORONTO -- A Brampton, Ont. woman said she feels lucky to be alive after a saw blade flew off a vehicle and cut through into her car on the highway.

A saw blade used for cutting stone flew off a truck and sliced into Arfa Ata's Mercedes on Thursday in the Gore Road in the Town of Caledon. 

Ata told CTV News Toronto that she was driving to get some lunch when something hit her car.

"I was sacred," she said. "I don't know what it is … but when I saw what it was, I was terrified."

Ata, a tax accountant who is working from home, says she was very lucky it didn't kill her.

"Because it is a saw blade, a blade you use for concrete and stuff. It could have hurt me really badly."

It wasn't until she found a place to pull over that she realized how dangerous the incident actually was.

"I saw this saw blade cut through my car, not just the bumper, but it got through my radiator, the pipes and everything, oil was leaking," she said.

A witness driving behind her car also pulled over to help.

"There was a truck behind me, he saw it happen, he actually came and pulled over with me, he told me he actually saw sparks and fire out of the car as well."

Ata is hoping the driver sees the story and calls police or at least secures their tools better in the future.