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Ontario family's SUV randomly deploys airbags


An Ontario family was surprised after their SUV randomly deployed its airbags after they shut the car door.

"I didn't know what happened because it literally sounded like a gunshot," said Shellie Daigle. "All you heard were the kids screaming, and there was powder everywhere."

The family was about to drive their 2016 Nissan Rogue SUV, and Brandon Daigle had just placed his two daughters in the back seat. He said when he shut the door, he heard a loud bang.

"I heard the noise from outside the car, and I heard my kids screaming, and I opened the door, and that's when I saw the airbags, and I just panicked, worried about my kids," said Brandon Daigle.

Brandon said he didn't close the door with any more force than usual and said the airbags went off instantly, frightening their children.

"They were crying, and my children said, 'What happened, mommy? What happened the car is melting, the car is melting,'" said Shellie Daigle.

The 2016 Nissan Rogue was previously recalled for an airbag issue, but not for unintended deployment.

An investigation found that the SUV was stationary at the time and had no impact. However, the Daigles were told that because the SUV was no longer under warranty, the $9,000 to replace the airbags and their $1,500 car rental costs would not be covered.

An Ontario family was surprised after their SUV randomly deployed its airbags after they shut the car door.

They also called their insurance company to make a claim, but it was also denied.

"I want Nissan to pay to replace the airbags and for our rental car. Right now we are still paying for a car that we don't have," said Shellie Daigle.

A spokesperson for Nissan Canada told CTV News the company received a report on Jan. 5 about the Daigles' vehicle.

"Nissan Canada has advised that a vehicle inspection would need to be made. No final decision has been reached on this open case as we wait for the results of the inspection," the spokesperson said.

The company later said it would cover the repairs and the rental car.

"Because Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at Nissan Canada, on Jan. 24 and Jan. 26 2024, we communicated to the customer that we would cover all repair-related costs, as well as costs pertaining to the rental of a vehicle from Dec. 27 until the completion of their vehicle's repairs," said the spokesperson.

That was great news for the Daigles, who will now have their car repaired at no cost to them.

"This is a relief. With our family, we need a car to get to work and get our children to daycare," said Shellie Daigle. Top Stories

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