If standing in line to buy lottery tickets isn’t for you, the Ontario Lottery Gaming website makes it easy to play online.

But those who have purchased their lottery tickets online, or played games on OLG’s newly launched website say they were surprised to learn that such a convenience comes with an extra cost.

Many online users are not aware that credit cards treat the amount you spend on lottery tickets as a cash advance, and thus charge anywhere from $5 to $10 per transaction.

“I bought Lotto 649 tickets from the OLG website and it was convenient – until I got my credit card bill,” an OLG user named David told CTV News. “I deposited $18 and was charged an extra $5 on my credit card for a cash equivalent fee.”

OLG says the money charged is not collected by the lottery and gaming corporation, but by the banks and credit card companies.

OLG includes a written notice on their website warning of the potential fees.

“Your credit card issuer may apply a cash advance fee when using credit cards on playolg,” the warning says. “You can also add funds using Interact. Check if your bank charges additional fees for this service.”

The transaction fee for individual credit card companies varies, so it is recommended to check the fees before you play.

Credit card companies may also charge you interest from the date of your online purchase.

Some credit card companies restrict use of their credit cards on gambling websites.

With files from CTV Toronto’s Pat Foran.