Toronto's all-night, outdoor art crawl is back this weekend featuring 130 art installations scattered throughout parts of the city.

The ninth edition of Nuit Blanche kicks off shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday and will wrap up at sunrise.

Of the projects created by nearly 400 Canadian and international artists, here are five must-see exhibits to include on your nocturnal tour of the city:

Walk Among Worlds 

Nuit Blanche: Walk Among Worlds

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It's all about the Earth at the Ogden Junior Public School, where 7,000 inflatable globes will fill the space outside the school. Created by Argentine artist Maximo Gonzalez, each globe in the large-scale installation represents one million of the world’s inhabitants.

Zone: The Possibility of Everything

Location: 33 Phoebe St.

The Fortune-Teller Machine

This interactive divination machine may change the course of your night – or at the very least, your evening. The installation roams along Bremner Boulevard, between Spadina Avenue and Lower Simcoe Street.

Zone: The Night Circus

Location: Along Bremner Boulevard, between Spadina Avenue and Lower Simcoe Street

Big Top Grand Stand

This hard-to-miss installation is made up of four large sculptures adorned with flashing lights and bright flags that are reminiscent of a circus. The entire structure sits atop a flatbed trailer, drawing your eyes up to the night sky.

Zone: The night circus

Location: Clarence Square Park, located in the Spadina Avenue and Clarence Square area

Bright Bundle

Fort York lights up on Nuit Blanche thanks to Canadian artist Bruno Billio's 1000-metre light sculpture ribbon. The LED lights represent the past, present, and future.

Zone: Before Day Break

Location: Fort York, 100 Garrison Rd.

Between Doors

Nuit Blanche: Between Doors


Presented by Toronto’s Labspace Studio, this interactive art project is like a choose-your-own-adventure in real life.

Participants make a series of choices, represented by free-standing doors. Each door leads to more doorways, and so on, while a large screen tracks and visualizes the choices made.

Zone: Before Day Break

Location: Fort York, 100 Garrison Rd.