The Toronto Transit Commission is taking complaints from riders and using them to transform rider’s experience.

The “You Said It” campaign is trying to get commuters to clean up their act by encouraging polite behaviour while riding the rocket, said TTC’s head of customer service Sue Motahedin on Friday.

More than a million people use the TTC every day, making it hard to enforce certain rules or to ensure commuters aren’t putting their feet on the seats, leaving garbage behind, or listening to loud music that might bother others.

“I don’t like when people smell,” one person told CTV News Toronto on Friday, while on the subway. Another said they couldn’t stand “people who leave their sandwich wrappings on the floor.”

“It's coming from the customer’s voice,” said Motahedin, “so we're using tweets that the customers have shared about polite and considerate behaviour on the TTC.”

The campaign will also try to put a stop to dangerous behaviour like trespassing on subway tracks, which could lead to criminal charges. Those who don’t abide by the rules can also be fined a maximum of $425 for disrupting service and causing delays.

“I think we're looking for people to understand that the change in their behaviour cannot only have an impact on people's experience riding the TTC and making it a more enjoyable place for everybody, but also to connect them with the reality that some of those behaviours can cause significant delays on the TTC,” she said.

The new campaign will appear on all TTC vehicles and in stations starting Monday.

With files from Scott Lightfoot