Police have recovered the cell phone of a Hamilton man who disappeared after taking two men to test drive a pickup truck he had advertised for private sale.

At a press conference Friday morning, police said Timothy Bosma’s phone was found in an industrial area in west Brantford, Ont., the night before.

Through phone records, police discovered that the same two men who test drove Bosma’s truck approached a man in Etobicoke on Sunday to test drive a similar vehicle.

Police said although the man with the truck found it strange that the two had arrived on foot in an industrial area, the three men went for a test drive and returned without incident.

Police are seeking information from the public about the two men who test drove the trucks, Det. Sgt. Matt Kavanagh said.

The first man is described as white, about six-foot-one-inches tall, weighing between 170 and 180 pounds. He was unshaven, had light- to medium-short, brown hair and was wearing an orange shirt with long sleeves, blue jeans and sneakers.

In addition, the first man has a tattoo of the word “ambition” on his wrist where a watch would normally be worn, police said. The tattoo is framed by a box.

Although the tattoo is not uncommon, the location of the tattoo is unique, Kavanagh said.

The second man is described as white with a medium build. He is roughly five-foot-nine inches tall, with dark hair. He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head. Police say both men could be in their mid-twenties.

In their press briefing Friday, police also said that Bosma’s vehicle had been spotted in downtown Brantford Monday night, and they are requesting any surveillance video from businesses in the area to help locate the truck.

Police said Bosma’s phone records also led them to discover that one of the suspect’s had obtained a cell phone under a fake name three months ago, with most calls made in Toronto’s west end. That phone has not been used since Bosma’s disappearance.

Although Kavanagh did not comment on whether police believe Bosma is still alive, he said, “We always have to hold out hope.”

Earlier in the week, Bosma’s wife Sharlene gave an impassioned plea for the return of her husband.

“I beg whoever has my husband to let him go, please call the police anonymously and let them know where he is,” she said through tears at the press conference Wednesday. “It’s just a truck. You don’t need him, but I do and our daughter needs her daddy back so please, please let him come home.”

She told police that her husband said the two men were from Toronto.

Kavanagh said nothing in the couple’s past indicated anything relevant to the investigation. They described Bosma as self-employed in the construction industry.

The missing pickup is described as a 2007 black Dodge Ram 3500.

Kavanagh urged anyone with information to call the tip line at 905 546-2100 or to call Crime Stoppers.