Metrolinx has moved to terminate a massive contract with Bombardier, a spokesperson has confirmed.

In a statement provided to CP24 Thursday night, Anne Marie Aikins confirmed that the transit agency has issued a notice to terminate a contract with Bombardier.

“This doesn’t mean the contract with Bombardier for Toronto LRV projects is cancelled however,” Aikins said.

The $770-million contract, awarded in 2010, is to deliver 182 light-rail vehicles between 2013 and 2020.

The vehicles are to be used on five corridors in the Toronto area, including the Eglinton Crosstown.

“There have been some concerns about Bombardier’s performance as there have been significant quality and manufacturing issues that, (to date), have not been resolved,” Aikins said.

“As a result, we have taken the next step available to us through our contract.”

As Metrolinx is currently in a legal process with Bombardier, the agency is not in a position to comment further, Aikins said.

“We have not yet received the pilot vehicle for (the Eglinton) Crosstown,” she said.

The contract initially called for the pilot vehicles to be completed in September 2014 and delivered in the spring of 2015.

“But we will continue to work with Bombardier on this issue and we will deliver on our transit commitments,” Aikins said.

Metrolinx filed a notice of default four months ago against Bombardier.

- With files from CP24’s Chris Fox and The Canadian Press.