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Lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan fulfils dream of seeing first game, passes away next day


Mike Davy always dreamed of going to a Toronto Maple Leafs game, and once it finally happened, he passed away the night after.

“It was the best. Christmas just happened, but that was Christmas right there,” said his independent support worker, Craig Meredith.

What a game it was; the tilt against the New York Rangers Wednesday night ended with a highlight reel, diving into a wraparound goal in overtime by Mitch Marner, a favourite player of Davy’s.

“It makes me feel better to know he went out with a smile on his face,” said Phyllis Bryan, a life share provider Davy lived with in Peterborough.

His loss, she says, has left her feeling “empty.”

“He was one of the family, that’s all there was to it,” she said. “Every night at bedtime, he wanted a hug before he went to bed. He always had his hug.”

Davy was receiving support from Community Living Trent Highlands. Coordinator of the Life Share program Trisha Fiegehen says she first met Davy around 18 years ago, and described him as a mischievous—but loveable—troublemaker.

“At the end of the day, you couldn’t stay mad at him for very long,” she said. “I don’t know what it was—[maybe] his smile.”

One such instance of mischief: upset that his beloved OHL team, the Peterborough Petes, had lost, he pulled the fire alarm at the end of the game.

His story, and love for the Buds, are now being shared across Leaf Nation.

“We were honoured to have Mike in the building on Wednesday,” the Toronto Maple Leafs said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to his family & friends. Leafs Nation is thinking of him.”

Meredith says Davy realizing his dream to attend a game was akin to winning his own Stanley Cup.

"Mike was 65 years old with a lot of health problems, but if you’d seen him jumping out of his wheelchair when Mitch Marner scored that goal—he was 20 years old again.” Top Stories

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