During the height of the summer backyard barbecue season, the LCBO is warning its customers about a shortage affecting stores throughout the province.

Store shelves are noticeably bare, with customers complaining that some of their favourite wines are completely out of stock, while beer shelves look like they’ve been raided before a long weekend.

The blame, the LCBO says in a statement, can be placed on its new warehouse management system at their Durham Retail Service Centre – automated technology that keeps track of inventory, stocks stores and fills wholesale orders.

“While the transition to the new system is progressing well, deliveries remain slightly behind schedule,” a statement from LCBO reads.

The LCBO says while it’s “working diligently” to make sure stores are re-stocked, it says the delays will also affect wholesale customers.

The provincial agency has not released a list of affected products, the extent of the shortage nor a timeline for when stores will be fully re-stocked, only saying it will be “as soon as possible.”

However customers have noticed the issue has affected a number of locations, both in urban centres and cottage country. The shortage has led to customers taking to social media to complain about bare shelves in some stores.


Notices have been posted on store shelves in some LCBO locations telling customers to speak with an employee for recommendations on alternative products if the item they are looking to purchase is currently out of stock.