Mayor John Tory and injured Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant may not have many things in common but it turns out that the two share at least one thing – an injured Achilles tendon.

Durant ruptured his Achilles in the second quarter of Monday’s night Game 5 and underwent surgery in New York the very next day, ending his NBA Finals.

Tory, meanwhile, revealed to reporters on Thursday that he injured his Achilles tendon about six months ago. He said that doctors “were trying every other means of solving the problem” but have now decided that surgery will be necessary.

A date for the surgery has not yet been set.

“I just found out yesterday that I am going to have to have surgery on it so I was thinking that I am going to have to go down and talk to KD and see if I can get the same surgeon and just do a two for one deal. I figure any doctor that fixed his Achilles tendon would be the right doctor to go to and that is no offence to our doctors here,” Tory said.

While Durant is expected to miss the entire 2019-2020 NBA season due to the injury involving his Achilles tendon, Tory figures that he will be back to work in no more than one or two days.

Of course, Tory’s job isn’t quite as physically demanding as Durant’s.

“I just have to not have weight on it after the surgery,” Tory said.