The Toronto Zoo is asking for the public's help to name a baby western lowland gorilla that was born in the zoo in January.

On Jan. 10, Ngozi gave birth to a healthy female baby, the 15th gorilla to be born at the Toronto Zoo since it opened in 1974.

The zoo is asking animal lovers to submit a name online before April 22, and the winning name will be announced at the end of the month.

African names are preferred, and the name must start with the letter N, because the zoo has a tradition of naming babies with the first initial of the mother's name.

The zoo currently has seven gorillas: Charles, Josephine, Ngozi, Johari, Sadiki, Nassir, and the new baby.

On its website, the zoo said that the newest addition is genetically significant because Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered. The zoo takes part in the Gorilla Species Survival Plan, which focuses on conservation to prevent total extinction.

"The birth of this offspring is one step further in our efforts to save this critically endangered species and showcases the important role zoos play in global conservation," the zoo said in an online statement.