TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Doug Ford has slammed a group of protestors who he says show up at his house every Saturday morning, intimidating neighbours who have been forced to keep their kids inside.

Ford made the comment during a press conference on Monday at Queen's Park and says his neighbours are frustrated by the constant protesting.

"This is not about me," Ford said, adding that he is rarely home on Saturday mornings."My neighbours, they're frustrated … They didn't sign up for this, I signed up for it. I signed up to be premier."

Ford said a few weeks ago the fire department was even called to his home after a protester "threw blood on the street."

"It could be have fake blood ... We had to call the fire department to clean it off the road," he said.

Ford said the protesters, who usually arrive to his home at 10 a.m., are using loud speakers during their demonstrations.

A spokesperson for the premier told CTV News Toronto that the demonstrators over the past few weekends are protesting against the use of masks in Ontario.

His office also said that animal rights and tenant rights protesters have been to his home.

Ford is urging anyone who wants to protest to do so at Queen's Park.

"You want to protest, God bless you, freedom of speech, come down here protest, do whatever you want," Ford said. "Don't scare the kids in the neighbourhood. You are scaring them. You are intimidating them."

Last week, Ford blasted the anti-mask protesters, who he said stood outside his house flying the "flag upside down."

"You want to disrespect our country and our flag…get going, take off, leave," Ford said. "You can be a denier, you can be an anti-masker. You can be whatever. This is a democratic country. You can say what you want, but I’m just coming up here and telling you what I know."