TORONTO - Ontario Premier Doug Ford has revoked the appointments of two people to positions abroad a day after announcing them.

Ford announced four agents-general appointments, which come with salaries between $165,000 and $185,000, shortly after a massive cabinet shuffle Thursday intended as a reset after a rocky first year in power.

Taylor Shields, an assistant vice-president of marketing for Chubb Insurance, was appointed to a post in London and Tyler Albrecht, 26-year-old senior analyst at Optimize Capital Markets, was being sent to New York City.

The premier's office confirms Shields and Albrecht will no longer get those jobs.

The other two appointments still remain.

Jag Badwal, who is a past president of the Ontario PC Party, is being posted to Dallas, and Earl Provost, who served as chief of staff to Ford's late brother Rob Ford when he was mayor of Toronto, heads to Chicago.