Ferry service has been halted to Hanlan’s Point and the area surrounding Gibraltar Point has been closed off as water levels in Lake Ontario continue to threaten the Toronto Islands.

The water level in Lake Ontario reached 76.03 metres above sea level on Thursday, surpassing the previous high of 75.93 metres that was recorded in April, 2017.

The high water levels, which aren’t expected to peak for another seven to 10 days, have already resulted in flooding on parts of the islands.

In a series of messages posted to Twitter on Thursday, Coun. Joe Cressy said that the lake did breach areas within Algonquin Island on Wednesday, resulting in 20 to 30 centimtres of water that had to be pumped.

He said that the water levels have also forced ferry service to be temporarily halted to Hanlan’s Point, though ferries continue to serve Ward’s Island and Centre Island.

“Staff continue to work around the clock to protect all areas of the Islands. Thirty pumps continue to operate, 24,000 sand bags have been deployed, along with 30 meter bags in more vulnerable areas, including residential communities,” he said. “This is a difficult time for local residents, who are also working tirelessly to protect the Islands. We are all grateful for volunteer assistance from visitors and the public – all are welcome to assist.”

City officials have previously said that about 200 homes, primarily located on Algonquin Island, are facing the risk of flooding.