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Drivers who receive automated speeding tickets won’t have insurance or licence affected


Toronto has 50 speed enforcement cameras and in the first three months of this year they issued more than 80 thousand tickets. We all know drivers shouldn't speed, but if you did get one of these tickets does it affect your insurance rates or your driver's licence?

Not according to the City of Toronto’s Transportation Department and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

Because the camera takes a photo of the vehicle’s licence plate and not the driver, it’s not clear who is at the wheel at the time of the infraction.

“These tickets don't show up on your driver’s abstract which means it wouldn't impact your premium," said Pete Karageorgos with IBC.

You will also not gain demerit points on your driver's licence. However, if you get a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light and don't pay it, it eventually could affect your licence and insurance.

“If you choose to ignore the fine and don't pay it, the fine could end up on your licence renewal and if it's not paid and your vehicle license is suspended it could impact your insurance,” Karageorgos said.

Toronto's automated speed enforcement program has been in affect for the past 11 months and the cameras issue thousands of tickets to speeding driver's each week.

The cameras are located near schools and community safety zones as part of the city's Vision Zero Program and officials say there is proof the cameras reduce speeding and make the streets safer.

“Other jurisdictions that have the program have certainly seen a reduction in speeding and a reduction in collisions and fatal collisions as well," said Dave Twaddle, Director of Permits and Enforcement with Toronto’s Transportation Services.

The fines are the same as if you got pulled over by a police officer for speeding and also include a victim surcharge and administration charge.

One viewer told CTV News Toronto they got a fine of $180 for doing 70 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone. Another viewer was fined $325 after a red light camera snapped them going through a red light.

There are warning signs notifying drivers that speed enforcement cameras are coming to a neighbourhood and signs that also warn that they are in operation.

Officials say if you don't want a ticket follow the rules of the road.

Twaddle said, “if you're not speeding, you won't get a ticket."

The speed cameras are spread across the city with two in every ward and are occasionally moved to different locations. Top Stories

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