Residents in Toronto’s east end have created a campaign featuring photos of locals and their pets to raise awareness on the lack of dog-friendly spaces in the Corktown neighbourhood. They said they hope to gain the attention of the city.

The community is complaining about a so-called dog park in their neighbourhood. The park is a small asphalt area located beneath a hydro tower. There is no shade, water or room for dogs to run, residents have said.

Local dog owner AJ Messier described the park as “a parking lot” that was “all concrete.”

“I’m really disappointed in this big litter box,” another dog owner Alex Emadi said.

The community ended up making a series of posters starring local dog owners and their pets in an effort to gain attention from the city.

The group said they plan to meet with Coun. Pam McConnell to discuss what can be done. Her staff told CTV Toronto that she is already trying to come up with alternate park options.

Residents said they have been walking their dogs in a green space directly beside the current “asphalt” park. They said the space is large and unmaintained, but one of the only spots they can go in Corktown. However, if they let their dog off-leash they can face a $240 fine.

“We’re not asking for the park to be completely in favour for dogs,” Emadi said. “We just want a piece of this park that we can walk our dogs and they can have as much fun as we have fun when we’re walking through park.”