Police say that a child sustained minor injuries after an object was thrown at a vehicle in downtown Toronto on Monday afternoon.

Officers were originally called to the area of Wellesley and Bleecker streets around 1:45 p.m. for reports of a shooting. Investigators said that a woman had reported a bullet striking her vehicle.

Police said that a two-year-old child was in the rear of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Speaking to reporters later in the day, Insp. Anthony Paoletta said that after officers reviewed surveillance footage, they determined that a gun had not been fired.

A shell casing was found nearby, but police said the item was related to a separate incident that occurred the night before.

“The shell casing was nearby the reported incident, so after a search of our database we determined there was a separate and unrelated call in the area of 565 Sherbourne Street yesterday just before midnight,” Paoletta said. “Officers attended the scene, but due to late hour and lighting conditions were not able to locate anything.”

An investigation into the Sunday night shooting is ongoing, police said.

According to Paoletta, the car window shattered on Monday was caused by an unidentified object that was thrown at the vehicle from the ground level.

“The reported information is that … some of the fractured or broken glass landed on the child,” he said.

The child sustained minor injuries and was treated by emergency crews at the scene, police said.

Paoletta said it appears to be “an isolated incident,” but a criminal investigation is ongoing. Police have not released information about the type of object that was thrown. Nor have they released information about possible suspects.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact investigators or reach out to Crime Stoppers anonymously.