Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said he was deeply offended by the language Mayor Rob Ford used during an expletive-laden rant that was captured on camera.

In the video that was captured at Etobicoke restaurant Steak Queen in late January and uploaded to YouTube, Ford says "c---sucker" before ranting about Blair.

Blair responded to the infamous video on Wednesday, telling CP24 that he was disgusted with what he saw.

"I was deeply offended," Blair said. "I don't respond to personal attacks, but don't confuse that with ‘I was OK with it.’ It was disgusting, it really was. It was disgusting.”

"My kids saw that. My daughter heard that," Blair continued. "People who I have worked for and protected for 37 years all heard that. Frankly, I think it's shameful to have my name even associated to such behaviour."

Ford admitted that he had been drinking with friends the night the video was shot. The mayor is incoherent during portions of the video, and in other parts he uses Jamaican expletives.

Blair is currently being investigated by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director over a complaint filed by Coun. Doug Ford, the mayor's brother.

Blair said Wednesday that he had anticipated the complaint was coming after comments Sandro Lisi, Ford's former driver, made while in custody on an extortion charge related to trying to obtain the infamous video that allegedly shows Ford smoking crack cocaine, which Ford has admitted to using in the past.

"I had pretty good anticipation of this," Blair said. "We received information on Oct. 31 that at least part of this complaint was going to be coming forward. When we arrested Mr. Lisi, he indicated to us that this was going to happen, so we weren't surprised."

The investigation was launched after the Toronto Police Services Board said Blair may have violated a section of the police act when he made a comment about the video.

In a news conference on Oct. 31, Blair said: "I think it's fair to say that the mayor does appear in that video".

When asked if he was shocked, Blair replied, "I'm disappointed."

Following Blair's comment, Doug Ford said he felt the police chief had shown a bias that day and later filed the complaint.

Blair said Wednesday that he's "100 per cent confident" that there's been no misconducted.

"I've also had the opportunity to discuss this with my board and they also agreed and have indicated to me that they see no issue," he said. "I've been doing this a pretty long time and we were careful to do this right, so I have no concerns whatsoever."